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Zach Wilson'sData Mastery CourseAn intermediate-level, live or self-paced, data engineering infrastructure and analytics engineering course and highly-motivated community!

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About the Boot Camp

The Academy is your gateway to mastering data engineering! Whether you're an analyst or an engineer, we're here to help you level up your skills.

We offer multiple learning paths to suit your preferences and schedule:

  1. 6-Week Live Boot Camp which starts November 6th: Dive into an intensive six-week program filled with live lectures, dedicated homework support, and supplementary sessions. Ideal for those who thrive in a structured, fast-paced environment.
  2. Self-Paced Annual Course: Prefer a more relaxed pace? Our self-paced annual subscription grants you access to identical educational content, code/materials, and homework assignments as the live boot camp. You'll also enjoy guest speaker sessions and membership in the Discord community, all on your schedule.

When you become a part of the Academy, you gain access to a wealth of benefits, tailored to your chosen learning path:

  • Premium Content: Access identical content, code, and homework assignments regardless of the learning path you choose. If you choose to enroll in the live boot camp or annual course, you will receive access to our premium content for a full year, including any new updates released during that time.
  • Community: Join our exclusive EcZachly Boot Camp community, a dedicated space where you can connect with fellow learners, share insights, and grow together (available to participants of the live boot camp and annual self-paced course only).
  • Guest Speakers: Get inspired and acquire practical, real-world knowledge from industry leaders during our weekly exclusive guest speaker series.
  • Homework Support: Each week, you'll receive a new assignment drawn from Zach's experience as a Data Engineer in Big Tech that will challenge your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To help you succeed in this process, live boot camp students will have dedicated homework help sessions and receive personalized feedback from experienced data engineers, and self-paced students who meet live boot camp deadlines will also have the opportunity to benefit from feedback on their work.
  • Mentorship and Job Placement: If you are part of the live boot camp and get certified, you will qualify for either three or six mentorship sessions with a mentor! Our mentors are screened and offer the best career advice and help with job placement and interviews!

Choose the track that suits your goals:

  • The Analytics Track ($1500 for live boot camp, $1300 for self-paced): Elevate your skills as a data analyst and analytics engineer, focusing on widely-adopted technologies and honing your ability to drive business impact through effective communication and presentation.
  • The Infrastructure Track ($1500 for live boot camp, $1300 for self-paced): Master the latest technologies, their usage, and optimal deployment for highly efficient and sustainable data infrastructure.
  • The Combined Track ($2000 for live boot camp, $1650 for self-paced): Why limit yourself? Experience the best of both worlds with our comprehensive program that covers both analytics and infrastructure. Benefit from the engaging lectures, hands-on labs, and practical assignments offered by both tracks to get a well-rounded data engineering education.

Each track offers:

  1. 40+ hours of engaging lectures covering cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and real-world considerations.
  2. Hands-on lab sessions to apply your knowledge to solve practical problems.
  3. Weekly homework assignments to reinforce your learning and practical application.

Each week, we bring you a fresh perspective on data engineering, featuring guest speakers with extensive industry experience. Explore the topics below and when you're ready to embark on this exciting journey, choose your path and start your data engineering adventure with us!



Our students work at:

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Prerequisites for All Tracks:

Fundamental proficiency in core concepts and functionalities of:

  • Proficiency in Python and SQL, at least 6 months of experience in both
  • Experience with Airflow (Astronomer is a plus).

Prerequisites for the Analytics Track are:

  • Basic understanding of SQL Window Functions.
  • Basic understanding of Tableau.

Prerequisites for the Infrastructure Track are:

  • Basic understanding of Docker, Flink, and Kafka.
  • Basic understanding of Spark and Iceberg.


  • Self-paced Analytics or Infrastructure track: $1300.00
  • Boot camp (Analytics or Infrastructure track): $1500.00
  • Self-paced (Combined Analytics and Infrastructure tracks): $1650.00
  • Boot camp (Combined Analytics and Infrastructure tracks): $2000.00

To get started, head over to the sign-up page and fill out the form.
After you buy, you’ll receive an invoice that can be used to get reimbursed by your employer if you have a learning budget!