Welcome to the EcZachly Inc.'s Academy!

More information about curricula, schedule, and pricing can be found here. Once you sign up, there are free example videos from the bonus LLM-driven data engineering week of the second boot camp that you can watch before deciding to enroll.

To streamline the process of onboarding, we need your:
  • Github username to share code
    We will use this to invite you to our GitHub Organization. Please provide only the username and exclude the URL and @ symbol to avoid issues with this process.
  • LinkedIn profile link for referrals and networking
  • Discord username for communication
    We will use this to add you to private Discord channels after enrolling and joining our Discord community. Provide your username, not the Discord ID, and exclude the URL and @ symbol.

Logo for github
Logo for linkedin
Logo for discord

If you want to change these later, you can do so by updating your user metadata in the Academy Portal.

Please review the policies and terms in our Academy Handbook.